Endlands' Scarlem record is released!



carrying a country

a songwriter-producer duo


I was a small-town kid dreaming of a music career. Things drifted and eventually fell apart after a promising start with a local band. Instead of music, I moved on to the art school as a photography major and started to do photography professionally as a form of self-expression. Years went by, and things turned into a routine. I changed, and then the world changed. I realized the dream of that small-town kid is still there; I can’t resist the magic of music-making. It's time to reach out to one’s dreams again.

based in Helsinki and L.A.


I was born in a small town in Finland, a half-day road trip away from Arctic Circle. I spent my first five years there. Winters were six months long and dark as hell, but I loved the snow. One of my earliest memories is a summer day so cold that Monarchs froze to death in the middle of the day. Maybe those years made me grave for the sun and warmth, and I started to travel at the age of 17, eventually finding a home in California. The same arc with the music; I've enjoyed heavy metal, posh Brit-pop, and beats from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast. A nomad I am.

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